Paraskevi Tektonidou

Paraskevi Tektonidou studied flute at the Conservatory “Music College of Thessaloniki” and
Musicology at the Scholl of Music Studies of the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Aristotle
University of Thessaloniki. In 2010 she completed the MA in Drama and Performing Theory
of the same Faculty. At present she is studying as a doctoral candidate issue related to
contemporary dance performance in modern Athens. Her research interest concern the
creative process, the act of performance, spectatorship and perception. At the same time
she works as a music teacher in education.
She has cooperated with various online cultural sites such as elculture, culturenow,
pikapfanize, bookpress and also runs a blog called Peopleisdancing. She is currently writing
in the Newspaper Avgi in the insert called “Anagnoseis”.